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The International Firearm Training Academy is innovating the entire industry with an exclusive online firearm training solution.

As an industry leader, ITA is always innovating and developing world class solutions to firearm training. The ITA Portal is a world first in firearm training solutions that provides access to the most advanced and secure training materials to both learners and trainers at the touch of a button.

To enroll, simply find an ITA-accredited training provider in your area and signup for the course you need to complete. The training provider will load you onto the system and send you a unique login where you can begin your online firearm training in the comfort of your own home!

Please take note that due to the practical nature of firearms training and the requirements laid out by the respective educational bodies (QCTO & SAQA), classroom and shooting range-based training is still a requirement for a learner to be found competent against the requirements of the unit standards.

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Accredited Training

These courses are unit-standard based training that is accompanied by ITA accredited training manuals.
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Non-Accredited Training

Non-Accredited training is designed to help build skills in support of accredited courses offered by ITA.
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ITA training manuals are professionally put together and easy to use.
Make sure you choose a Training Provider that uses the ITA Training System.