Firearm Training

The International Firearm Training Academy (ITA) is the leading industry expert in firearm training in South Africa.

ITA offers courses at ITA’s Head Office in Krugersdorp. ITA-accredited firearm training is also offered at a host of training centres across the country.

To book a course at ITA in Krugerdorp, please click here or to find a training centre in your area, please click here.

ITA supplies PFTC-accredited training material to Firearm Training Centres across the country for all levels of firearm training. Training manuals can be purchased from the ITA head office or at an ITA-accredited training centre where the course can be completed.

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ITA Online Portal

Training in the comfort of your own home

Bolster your theoretical knowledge of the firearm you wish to license for self-defence through online videos and training tips.

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Accredited Training

These courses are unit-standard based training that is accompanied by ITA accredited training manuals.
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Non-Accredited Training

Non-Accredited training is designed to help build skills in support of accredited courses offered by ITA.
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PFTC & SAPS Accredited Training

Competency & Proficiency Training

For firearm competency certificates and licensing of firearms for private use.

Firearm Licensing & Renewal