How to Become an ITA Affiliated Shooting Club?

  • The Club Chair of the affiliated club must be an Advanced-level ITA Instructor
  • The training centre that own the affiliated shooting club must be an Accredited-ITA Training Provider
  • The affiliated club must be able to show membership of at least 20 members
  • Club documents and manuals for the 20 members are to be purchased
  • The Club is required to present a motivation to ITASA explaining the reason for the shooting club, together with a document containing a short CV of each member of Club Management
  • An Established Criteria Form is to be completed and submitted to ITASA

ITASA Shooting Clubs

Club Name Contact Person Telephone Online
Assegai Billy (William) 082 454 6496 Facebook
Dave Sheer Guns Oscar Makgonya 011 440 0345 Website
Elite David Brian Gate 083 882 3736 Website
Falcon C. D. Jonker 084 560 3387 Website
Homtini Tactical Andy Fuller 082 808 1360 Website
Hot Shots Wayne 076 108 8235
Kings Kim Hugh Lee 066 307 0747 Website
Shot & Ball Jan G Pretorius 082 462 1052 Website
STAG Shooting Club – Secpro Risk Management Services (PTY) Ltd Andrew Kirk 082 462 1052 Website
Tactical 22 Tim 083 651 8313 Facebook
Ihawu Stuart Affleck 082 873 8519 Website
ITA Shooting Club Russell Kirk 011 955 6775
Praxos Hennie Booysen 084 603 1142
Quatermaster LourensVdSchyf 079 784 7188 Website
The Edge L W Prinsloo 084 800 6098
Elandsfontein Shooting Club Gavin Cloete 072 166 4787
China Shield Sport Shooting Club Charlie 082 537 5888
Dave Sheer Pretoria Guns Gert Venter 082 701 7003 Facebook
365 Sport Shooting Club Mark Groome 082 444 8696
False Bay Keith 082 774 0063 Website

ITA Club Scores

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Elite David De Gouveia 100% N/A MASTER
Elite Clint Oosthuizen 100% N/A MASTER
Elite David Gate 100% N/A MASTER
Elite Johan de Koker 100% N/A MASTER
Assegai LD swart 100% N/A MASTER
Assegai Billy Egleton 100% N/A MASTER
Shot & Ball Stephan Jacobs 100% N/A MASTER
Shot & Ball Johan Raath 100% N/A MASTER
Assegai I Mfuloane 98% N/A MASTER
The Edge Leo Prinsloo 98% N/A MASTER
The Edge Francois Smit 98% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster Johannes Christoffel Joubert 98% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster Johannes Botha 98% N/A MASTER
Assegai Fortunate Antunes 98% N/A MASTER
Shot & Ball Deoon Steyn 98% N/A MASTER
ITA Gert Steyn 98% N/A MASTER
Assegai Nico Saaiman 96% N/A MASTER
Praxos JHH Booysen 96% N/A MASTER
Elite Sazi Menye 96% N/A MASTER
ITA Abrahamt Byleveld 96% N/A MASTER
ITA Simon Jurgens Lamprcht 94% N/A MASTER
ITA Russell Kirk 94% N/A MASTER
ITA Barry Kok 94% N/A MASTER
Assegai Johan Hildebrandt 93% N/A MASTER
Assegai Leon Swart 92% N/A MASTER
Praxos R Roos 92% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster John George Pringle 92% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster Jan Christoffel Greyling 92% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster Werno Smallberger 92% N/A MASTER
Quatermaster Shahid Mohammed Seedat 92% N/A MASTER
Assegai Thys van Zyl 92% N/A MASTER
Assegai S Straus 92% N/A MASTER
Assegai T Dawson 92% N/A MASTER

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Quatermaster Lourens van der Schyff 90% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Cornelius janse du Toit 90% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Richard Rabie 90% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Clint Calitz 90% N/A EXPERT
ITA Dewald Hurn 90% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Willie Haywood 90% N/A EXPERT
The Edge Christo Boegman 88% N/A EXPERT
Quartermaster Izak Johannes Pringle 88% N/A EXPERT
DAVE SHEER PTA Phillip Papadopoulus 88% N/A EXPERT
ITA Gregory Sumares 88% N/A EXPERT
Assegai B White 88% N/A EXPERT
Shot & Ball Mark Ortner 87% N/A EXPERT
The Edge Arno Pretorius 86% N/A EXPERT
Praxos J Venter 86% N/A EXPERT
Praxos M Roos 86% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Hans-Jurie Moolman 86% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Hozaifah Mohammed Dawood 86% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Andre van Rensburg 86% N/A EXPERT
Sot & Ball Louis Steyn 86% N/A EXPERT
ITA Lourens Brits 86% N/A EXPERT
ITA Mohammed Casmod 86% N/A EXPERT
Praxos J Geldenhuis 84% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Albertus Burgers 84% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Selvyn Bismahsurran Naidoo 84% N/A EXPERT
Shot & Ball Pete Laatz 84% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Danie Botha 84% N/A EXPERT
Elite Shane White 82% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Marius Duminy 82% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Corneliq Sophia 82% N/A EXPERT
Quatermaster Johannes Arnoldus Potgieter 82% N/A EXPERT
Shot & Ball Stephan Walters 82% N/A EXPERT
ITA Logan Burger 82% N/A EXPERT
Assegai Mark Louw 82% N/A EXPERT

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Praxos SP Booysen 80% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
ITA Nicolaas Mathekga 80% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Elite Jon Viljoen 80% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Ismaeel Dhalech 80% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Marius Christiaan Janse v rensburg 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Charmaine Celeste Schutte 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Tjaart Petrus van der Merwe 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
The Edge Francois Naude 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos W de Klerk 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
ITA Marius Burger 78% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Li Yin 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Assegai Johan vd Merwe 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Assegai Willem Potgieter 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos JH Jocobs 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Shot & Ball Elsabe Steyn 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Shot & Ball Gary Schoombie 76% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Quatermaster Osman Ahmed Lakhi 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Assegai J Quinton 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Assegai Tinus Coetzee 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
The Edge Cobus van Wyl 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
The Edge Craig McMaray 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos D Jordaan 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos J Geyser 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos C Geldenhuis 74% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos HC Bester 72% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos HJ vd Merwe 72% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
Praxos JM Smith 72% N/A SHARPSHOOTER
ITA Chantelle Steyn 72% N/A SHARPSHOOTER

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Praxos AP van Niekerk 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Praxos JG van Niekerk 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Praxos J Oost 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster david Engelbert Preuyt 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Assegai Jeanne Coetzee 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Shot & Ball Gavin Amos 70% N/A MARKSMAN
Praxos MC Jordaan 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Praxos P Brand 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Elite Willie Viljoen 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Joshua Francis Du Plessis 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Petrus Johannes de Klerk 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Mohammed Yuns Docrat 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Gerrit Louis Anderson 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Susan van der Schyff 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Gerhardus Griezel 68% N/A MARKSMAN
Quatermaster Ismail Mohamed Olla 68% N/A MARKSMAN
ITA Steve van Rooy 68% N/A MARKSMAN

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Shot & Ball Joubert de Roubaix 65% N/A NOVICE
Praxos D Gertenbach 64% N/A NOVICE
Praxos N Jacobs 64% N/A NOVICE
Praxos K Venter 64% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Herman Gerhardus Brelage 64% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Frans Antonie Benjamin Duminy 64% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Marius Lombard 64% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Mbekiseni Mike Khumako 64% N/A NOVICE
Praxos F Spanenberg 60% N/A NOVICE
Assegai Rane Molefe 58% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Lewis Lowrence Smuts 56% N/A NOVICE
DAVE SHEER PTA Gordon de Bruyn 56% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Mohammed Paruk 54% N/A NOVICE
ITA Byron Meyer 52% N/A NOVICE
Praxos N Fourie 50% N/A NOVICE
Praxos J Geldenhuis 50% N/A NOVICE
Quatermaster Joane Mahne 50% N/A NOVICE
Shot & Ball Tertia Amos (prev Bongaarts) 50% N/A NOVICE

Club Shooter Name & Surname Score Ranking for this Shoot Classification
Quatermaster Sanvir Goli 44% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Ann Daphene van Helsdingen 43% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Johannes Mahne 30% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Faizel Mohammed 30% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Monique Bariet-Janse van Rensburg 28% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Joanna Jeanetta Burgers 24% N/A BEGINNER NYR
Quatermaster Zaifeng Lin 16% N/A BEGINNER NYR

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