Shooting Association

The Shooting Association is a dedicated four-gun sport shooting association.

The objective of the Shooting Association is to encourage firearm owners to practice their firearm handling and shooting skills in a safe and fun environment with like-minded people.

Persons who belong to an accredited association such as IFTA Shooting Association and who participate in shooting activities regularly can apply for Dedicated Status and will then qualify for certain benefits as laid out in the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.

Why Should you Join an ITA-Accredited Shooting Club?

The more you handle and use your firearm, the more competent you become with your firearm. This can only be beneficial when facing a self-defence situation.

Muscle memory is built through repetitive action. If you are carrying a firearm for self-defence, you should be able to draw, aim and fire the firearm competently with little thought given to the movement of this action and more thought given to the safety precautions and place at which the bullet will come to rest.

The SAPS recognises firearm owners who belong to shooting clubs when they apply for firearm licenses.

The Benefits of belonging to a Shooting Club

  • Discount on Range Fees at ITA or an associated shooting club shooting range
  • Free club shoot once a month at ITA or an associated shooting club shooting range
  • Special offers on Equipment
  • Professional Advice from Advanced-level ITA Instructors
  • Access to Tactical Range Officers
  • Access to skill builder programmes
  • ITA endorsement letters for firearm licence application
  • Membership card and letter as required by SAPS for Section 16 Licences (Dedicated members)
  • Membership card and letter as required by SAPS for Section 15 licences (Occasional members)

Over 1000 members countrywide and growing

ITA Shooting Club

ITASA HQ Club Shirt Design

ITASA HQ Club Shirt

ITA’s shooting club is one of the clubs that is affiliated to the Shooting Association. The club runs from ITA’s head office in Krugersdorp. Members meet twice a month to participate in a variety of shooting exercises that are designed to challenge shooters at various levels of experience.

The exercises are run by experienced Range Officers and ITA-accredited Instructors. ITA’s shooting club is a great place to fine-tune and practice your shooting skills.

How to join our shooting club:

  • Decide whether you would like to be an Occasional member or a Dedicated member (fees & privileges differ)
  • Complete the Membership form
  • Completed membership form to be sent to ITA with a copy of the member’s ID
  • Make payment and send POP through to ITA
  • ITA will process application
  • Occasional Members will receive a membership letter & card
  • Dedicated Members will receive a membership letter & card together with an ITA Shooting Association Rule Book and Log Book (used to log time spent on the range)
  • Dedicated Members are then required to build up points through time spent on the range before they will receive their Dedicated Status Certificate. Once Dedicated Status is achieved, members can apply for endorsement letters from ITA.
  • For more information on club shoots and how to join the shooting club, please mail us on:

ITASA Gallery

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Firearm Skills Builder Courses

Improve your confidence to carry and use your firearm for self-defence.

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