Applying for a Firearm License for Self-defence? Here’s what you need to know

Applying for a Firearm License for Self-defence? Here’s what you need to know

Training is essential for anyone who wants to own a firearm and this is where you should start once you have made the decision to own a firearm. There are two Unit Standards that all first-time applicants need to complete. One relates to the new Firearms Control Act and the other involves Basic Firearm Training, which covers firearm safety, practical handling and section 49 of the Criminal Procedures Act, which covers the law around firearm use for the purpose of self-defense.

When you book your course, you will be asked to collect your training material in advance. The open book test is in the training manual and needs to be completed before the course takes place. ITA uses its own accredited material to conduct training. This material is also used in more than 250 accredited training centres countrywide.

Once you have successfully completed the course you will receive an ITA training certificate and a PFTC Statement of Results which must be submitted to the police station when you apply for Competency. When your Competency certificate is awarded you can then apply for your firearm license. You will need to have purchased a firearm by this time as you will need to supply the serial numbers of the firearm for which you are applying for a license.

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Article published in the Krugersdorp News, Roodepoort Record, Randfontein Herald & Get it Joburg West, 2018