International Training Academy

South Africa's Market Leader in
Firearm Training since 1993

International Training Academy (ITA) is South Africa’s market leader in expert firearm training. ITA develops firearm training material and supplies this material to more than 260 ITA-accredited firearm training centres across South Africa.

ITA’s footprint is not limited to South Africa, it extends to a host of African countries including Namibia and Kenya and beyond the African continent to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

ITA provides training at all levels of the firearm qualification including basic training for private use of firearms and competency testing for firearms license applications, business purposes training and the respective part qualifications or modules required for use of a firearm in a work environment, e.g. Armed Security Officer and firearms industry related firearm training at Instructor level, Assessor, Range Officer and Tactical level. ITA’s training material is accredited with the Professional Firearm Trainers Council (PFTC) and is developed in line with the SAQA firearms qualification.

Andre Pretorius founded ITA in 1993. Originally launched as an Instructor Training Organisation, ITA soon became South Africa’s largest Firearm Training Association, offering courses in all aspects of firearm training and disciplines. The same remains true today. Andre, through ITA, trained various specialised groups and designed courses and training programmes in specialised fields. He has been recognised as one of the leading experts in tactical firearm training and course development in the world.

Andre served in the South African Defence Force and was involved in firearm training for more than 30 years, attending courses all over the world. Andre trained more than 2500 instructors for various Government institutions and private companies, both locally and internationally including SAPS, military, private security, nature conservation, VIP protection, metro police and civilian sectors.

All the ITA training material that is available to industry today was developed by Andre, and this material is used by more than 260 ITA-accredited training centres across South Africa. Understanding the importance of quality control, Andre developed a Quality Management System which ITA training providers are required to adhere to. This ensures that the ITA-accredited training centres countrywide provide the same level of service and standard of training that the ITA brand has become synonymous with. ITA continues to provide support to training centres in the form of training materials, assessment tools and methodologies used in firearm training and continues to train top quality, highly skilled instructors.

Andre worked closely with Government in implementing the industry changes that were necessary when the Firearm Control Act (60/2000) was adopted in South Africa and was instrumental in establishing a professional body (The Professional Firearm Trainers Council – PFTC) to ensure that quality assurance standards were met and that a clear guideline for professional training and training materials existed in South Africa.

Andre Pretorius – The Founder of International Training Academy

ITA Counsellors

ITA Counsellors are the top professionals
of the firearms industry.

The experience and expertise amongst this group of professionals is unmatched.
They hold honour in the highest regard and are committed to protecting a level of professionalism within the firearms industry.
They are all highly valued by ITA.

ITA Counsellors by appointment date

Gavin Jansen
Winton Africa
Inayat Kassam
Andre van Heerden
Clint Oosthuizen
Nassir Carr
Stuart Ralph
Louis Van Wyk
Andre Barnard
Wayne Kemp
Johan Harmse

Francois Kruger

Jonathan B Anthony
Darwin Hoffman
Louis Van Zyl
Russell Kirk
Rench Pansegrouw

Keith Biermann

Clinton McGuire
James Bristow
Wynand Coetzer
Jean Du Plessis

Du Toit Lambrecths
Frank Stretz
Stuart Affleck

Andy Fuller

Adrian Rosslee

Mark Eekhof

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SA’s Market-Leader in Firearm Training

ITA provides firearm training for all unit standards and for all disciplines of firearms.