Renewing your Firearm License

As a responsible firearm owner you are required to ensure that your firearm license remains up to date and valid and does not expire. It is required that you visit your local SAPS station and meet with the Designated Firearm Officer (DFO) ninety days before your existing license expires.

In order to successfully renew your firearm license you need to complete the following forms:

  • - Competency Renewal: SAPS517(g)
  • - Application for the Renewal of Firearm License: SAPS518(a) as well as the Annexure A which includes your firearm's details

Together with the above forms, you will need a copy of your Firearm Training Certificate and your PFTC Statement of Results which would both have been issued to you by the training centre where you did your training.

Some SAPS stations request a copy of your motivation. For more information on renewals click here.

Licenses are valid for the following amount of time:

Competency Certificate 5 Years
Firearm License for Self-defence 5 Years
Firearm License for Business Purposes 5 Years
Occassional Sports Shooter 10 Years
Dedicated Sports Shooter 10 Years