Skills Builder

If you have made the decision to license a firearm in your name for self-defense, it is your responsibility to ensure that you know how to confidently and safely use the firearm. This includes loading and unloading the firearm, stripping and cleaning the firearm, safe-storage of the firearm and its ammunition, how to clear a malfunction, how to properly grip the firearm and of course how to use the firearm without putting innocent lives at risk.

As with driving a car, using a firearm confidently and safely comes with practice. New skills are developed through repetitive behaviour and through building muscle memory and this is what a skills builder is designed to do.

A skills builder gets you familiar with your firearm. It teaches you how to work with the firearm safely and starts to build a foundation of safe handling that, through repetition will become second nature to you

Skills Builder One covers mastering the basic fundamentals such as:

  • Grip: how to hold the firearm so that it remains securely in your hand and so that once you have fired a shot you can safely and quickly bring the sights of the firearm back on target
  • Stance: how to stand when firing the gun to give you the best stability
  • Sight alignment & Sight picture: how to line up the sights on your firearm with each other and the target to ensure that when you take the shot, that you hit your target
  • Holster work: how to carry a firearm and draw it from the holter fast and efficiently
  • Reloading and clearing of maulfunctions
  • Shooting at different distances and angles

Skills Builder Two covers more advanced techniques such as:

  • Low light shooting (torch work)
  • Shooting from behind a barricade
  • Dynamic shooting (on the move)
  • One-handed shooting
  • Weak handed shooting

We will discuss real-life scenarios and how to deal with them

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